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Rio Lento is a water park which was founded in 1999 by Maalouf Group. Rio lento was the first water park in Lebanon and has created for itself, a reputation as a popular family vacation spot. It has 4 pools and 11 slides which only a few dare to attempt. Race your friends in the black hole and the yellow slide, or even test your fear with the anaconda. Hop in the Twister or test your swimming skills in our deep ended diving pool. Your happiness is our desired result, and we will aim to make you a part of our family. This is Rio 2016!

Safety and security is Rio Lento Management’s main concern. Even though, there is only couple of places where the water is deeper the 170 cm, Rio Lento has one of the highest ratio of lifeguards to swimmers. We hire over 25 lifeguards during the peak season. We have at least 4 lifeguards by the wave pool when generating waves and three on the kiddie pool in busy days. We have weekly meeting with our staff, we offer awareness and training classes to make sure that Rio Lento keeps the highest standards of safety and customer service.

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