Pierre Maalouf

is the founder of Rio Lento.

Pierre is an architect who was fascinated by water parks when he was a student seeking a bachelor degree in architecture from SCAD in Savannah, GA USA.

After graduating in 1993, Pierre decided to go into the amusement business. “ There is nothing better than working in a business that brings happiness to kids”. He joined the World Water Parks Association and proposed a water park in Lebanon to his brothers. The idea was very welcomed and a joined effort brought the 1st water Park to Nahr-El Kalb, Lebanon.

Pierre holds a bachelor degree in architecture and a bachelor of fine arts in interior design from Savannah College of Art and Designs, USA.

Other achievements:

–          Founded the first animated hall of fame in the world; Jeita, Lebanon

–          Organized and made the longest sandwich in the world in 2004. A 719 meter long sandwich in Kfarkatra, Lebanon.

–          Founded Rio City, the driving town in Nahr Elkalb, inside Rio Lento Park in 2009

–          Founded International Driving Academy, a high tech driving school, inside Rio Lento Park in 2012.

–          Design, built and opened the first Tiny Towne in Atlanta, GA USA in 2014

–          Received the award for Best new Business of the year in the City of Norcross in 2015

Georges Maalouf


Georges graduated from the University of Barcelona, Spain. He founded the Lebanese association of dental laboratories and served as the president of the association for 3 terms. He held several public offices including a 4th term as the vice mayor in the town of Kfarkatra and a member of the Lebanese catholic association as well as a member of the Boulsieh Alumni Assosiation. He has been the General Manager for Rio Lento since it was founded in 1999

Michel Maalouf

Operation Manager

Michel had a construction company and build hundreds of buildings throughout Mount Lebanon and his last major project was Rio Lento where he was able to deliver a turn Key water park within 5 months. He started excavation in February of 1999 and managed three crews to work 24 hours a day in order to be able to open for the summer season. Rio Lento opened in the 3rd of July of 1999.

Michel loves working with people and has a great talent in dealing with customers service.

Elias Faddoul

Maintenance manager.

Elias, nick named “ Ashkar” Joined Maalouf Group years before Rio Lento opened and has participated in the construction and remodeling of every single slide and pool of Rio Lento. If you visit Rio Lento or Rio City you will certainly hear one of our employees calling “ Ashkar, Ashkar” on their radios.

 Maroun Monzer

Restaurants manager.

Maroun spent his life working in restaurants. He is very experienced in the restaurant business. He spent several years in Ottawa, Canada. He returned to Lebanon in 1999 and took a position as the restaurants manager.

Diamant Hachem

Has been head of our security team for 9 years. Diamant works in the office as well as in the field. Diamant is in charge of most of the employees, including life guards and security guards. For any questions about Rio Lento, feel free to ask her while in our facility.