THE TALLEST SLIDE IN LEBANON. This slide towers over anything else you’ve tried in Lebanon. Over 22 meters high and full of thrills and turns.

Are you willing to take a ride down the highest slide? Or is the drop too much of a challenge for you and your friends to handle? Let’s put your courage to the test!

The Black Hole

The Black Hole was one of the 1st slides installed in 1999 and is one of our most popular attractions in Rio 2016. It is designed for single tube riders less than 80 Kgs. Once you are in, the gravity pulls you down in an undetermined direction. If you got scared, screaming and yelling seem to help, but before it, you will see the light again and you will safely land in the lazy river.

The Twister

The Twister is a body slide that requires swimming skills. Imagine that you will start at the height of 4 stories with a speed reaching 40 km in few seconds, than coming to a funnel, turning few turns and suddenly dropping in a deep pool of water. Some people are scared of doing it but the brave ones enjoy it the most. (A lifeguard awaits you at the bottom of the drop)

The Yellow Slide

No matter what we name this slide, it is always been known as the yellow one. The yellow slide opened in 1999 but toward the end of the season. It is an open slide designed for single or double riders under 80 Kgs per person. Departs and lands next to the Black Hole, but is not as scary. Once you ride the 1st time you become addicted to it. It is plenty of fun.


The side winder is our guests’ favorite slide. The first impression would be “ too scary and too dangerous” but once you are released and have made it through the 1st few seconds, all signs of joy and happiness reappear in your faces while winding left and right . Before your tube safely lands, you would already have taken the decision to go again. ENJOY THE RIDE.

Doom Drop

The Doom Drop was installed in 2012. It is the latest, the tallest in Rio and in Lebanon; it is the best! It is a body slide 12 feet higher than the kamikaze. It is a combination of open and close body flume with a free fall just like the kamikaze. Honestly, it is designed for the braves and it does not seem that I am brave enough to try it and tell you how it feels, but I can tell you that most of the guests I talked to agree that the Doom Drop is the best of Rio Lento. Good luck and enjoy it!


Many visitors go all the way to the top of the tower, look at the Kamikaze’s drop, change their minds and come back down the same stairs. If you visit Rio Lento and did not do the kamikaze, you missed a lot. The thrill of the kamikaze is similar to the side winder. No tube is required and before you know it, you’ll have landed safely and already have taken the decision to go again.

Basketball Court

Rio Lento has a Basketball court which is also equipped with Soccer goals for maximum fun. guest may play pick-up soccer throughout the season while enjoying the nice weather with some cold tannourine water. The ground is very hot and shoes are required.


Lazy River

(Rio Lento in Spanish) is one of the main attractions. When the water park opened in 1999 all the pools and slides where inside the 450 meter long lazy river. The water moves slowly counter clockwise at the speed of about 5 km per hour. The water is less than one meter deep which makes it a great and safe destination for family with kids who want to learn how to swim and stay next to their family. Tubes are available but not required.

Kiddie Pool

The kiddie pool is 700 square meter and it is designed with 3 different levels of depth, 10cm, 25 and 50cm to accommodate all ages. An interactive water play area with different slides and water fountains keep the kids busy all the times. Rio Lento tubes are not allowed in the Kiddie pool and life jackets are available free of charge and highly recommended for kids. Even though, most of the times, we have three lifeguard assigned for this pool, parents should always be watching their kiddos when they are close in or near swimming pools.

Wave Pool

The Wave pool is a little over 1000 square meter with 180cm as the deepest place. Diving is not allowed and water tubes are required when the waves are on. Several different types of waves are generated. Most of our visitors like the high tides which generates 6 foot waves, but for safety reasons, we go with the soft wave setting when we have summer camps and young groups. This pool is typically surrounded by 4-8 lifeguards at all times.

Diving Pool

Diving is prohibited throughout Rio Lento except in the diving pool. A more relaxing atmosphere dominates around the diving pool. It is more for those who are seeking a relaxation. This pool is located at the end of Rio Lento and right before you get to Rio City. This pool is also available for private parties after hours.